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Incorrect SMS Message with WGW1002G

3 years 9 months ago #14689 by sdelacruz
We have a bunch of GSM gateway.

We found an issue with HTTP with SMS

If a message with 141 or more characters is sent with WGW1002G, the sms message always is '¿¿¿'

This only happen with this device with model name VS-GWM400, with Software version 2.5.2

Also only happens when SIM operator in the GSM Gateways is different to the operator of number destination.

I test this with OpenVox VS-GW2120 V2 and V1 with same model and same version

Also test works fine with OpenVox VS-GW1600 V1and OpenVox VS-GW1202 V1, this with 2.2.2 software version and model name VS-GGU-E2M0400
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