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irq, nobody cared problem with B100P

11 years 1 month ago #7765 by martink

I have a running PBX with a B100P, a B200P and an A800P. It is build on top of an old ECS mainboard with CentOS 5.5. Now I want to switch to a new board (Gigabyte G41MT-S2PT), but I experience problems with the IRQ assignment. The B200P and the A800P are both in a PCI riser card and the B100P is placed in the first slot. So the order by SlotID would be: 0 - B100P, 1 - A800P, 4 - B200P, 7 - open slot (1, 4, 7 are riser slots where the latter two can be defined by jumper). The board has an APIC, it is enabled in the kernel and every card gets its own IRQ... So far so good.
The point is that I recieve "nobody cared" on the Interrupt of the B100P and the card gets disabled... The other two initialize fine. I've checked the setup of the slot numbers with a bunch of network cards and they do all work.
On the old mainboard the B100P has to be in the first slot and it shares an IRQ (12) with the A800P - but it works. (B200P is on IRQ 10)

I tried every possible combination of using bios irq table, disabling apic, swapping cards... The only thing I did not try is setting it to the same IRQ as the A800P card in the new system (via setpci). I skipped this because every card has its own IRQ (as recommenden) and as it might be in general not a good idea to trick the auto assignment.
Could it be a driver problem? I have dahdi 2.4.1 running (with oslec patches). Or shall I update to CentOS 6.x?

I need a suggestion in which direction I should loook, because I cannot play with it a lot since it is a running and needed pbx.

11 years 1 month ago #7766 by hua

Please give me SSH, I will check it. By the way my MSN is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,please add me .

Best regards

11 years 1 month ago #7768 by martink

Ssh to the running pbx or the new one with the actual problem? Because in the new one there is currently no telephony hardware...
Maybe I can setup something tomorrow (I'am in Germany) that I can take the hardware out an you can work on it...

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