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As a global leading provider of the VoIP equipment manufacturer, OpenVox brings a Safeguard Solution to the VoIP market, which offers the customers unique VoIP devices with Integrated UPS Units inside.


What is a UPS?

The simplest definition of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is an essential piece of hardware that protects both your IT equipment and your data from power outages. It also gives you a backup power supply source in case of main power failures caused by a power failure.

A UPS is normally used for computers or other devices such as telephony servers and networking equipment. It will allow the user to save everything thus avoiding data loss, and then properly shut the computer down. Most people are familiar with the compact, black box often seen around PCs. But depending on your infrastructure and power needs, a UPS may stand as tall as a storage cabinet (and weigh a couple of tonnes to boot).

UPS units

Smaller UPS units can protect individual computers while larger models can power multiple devices or an entire office. Small businesses can opt for individual UPS units, which should be enough to back up critical computers and other devices that are key to business continuity.

How Does A UPS Work?

There’s no single answer for this, because there are many types of UPS technology provided by UPS company. In brief, the batteries inside UPS will be charged when the main power supply is effective and keep the capacity at a high level. Once the power outages occur, the UPS will take over the power supply seamlessly and keep the devices running without any interruptions.

In this case, the smaller UPS could give you 5-15 minutes to switch to a backup power source or proceed with a proper power-off, while a large UPS can keep the equipment running for a long time until the main power source recovered.

Why we need a UPS?

Equipping a UPS has become an indisputable commercial necessity. In other words, UPS has become an undoubted necessity in the company's business activities in the company. While only a fraction of businesses equipped with UPS, a UPS is a must when it comes to servers, switches, firewalls, and any mission-critical technology your business uses. While a UPS may be an expense, it is an imperative investment for most companies.

Unpredictable natural weather may cause your business to suffer several power outages, which will most likely affect your operations. A UPS ensures your computers and other devices never break down from power failure. More importantly, it ensures you never lose data from unexpected computer shutdowns. Whether you want to avoid the inconvenience of having your operations halted, or just want to shore up your systems’ safety, using a UPS is the way to go.

What Solution Can OpenVox Offer You?

As a global leading provider of the VoIP equipment manufacturer, OpenVox brings a Safeguard Solution to the VoIP market, which offers the customers unique VoIP devices with Integrated UPS Units inside. It is a mini UPS module that contains a Li-Ion battery pack and a specific interface with MCU controlled.


  • How does it work?

OpenVox UPS module can be loaded with 3 packs of 18650 Li-Ion batteries and provides multiple circuit protection. The module is installed inside the chassis and connected to the Mainboard via a specific PCIe connector.

Once power outages occur, the UPS will send a “power off” signal to the mainboard, and then it will trigger a normal power off. The Li-lon batteries loaded in the OpenVox UPS module can maintain the shutdown process of the device for about 10-15 minutes (depending on the overall power consumption of the device), ensuring that data is saved and critical processes are completed before shutting down the systems.

The UPS module circuit has eight protection, stable release voltage, charging/discharging/standby, and it can cope with a variety of abnormal conditions.

  1. Overcharge protection
  2. Overcurrent protection
  3. Over discharge protection
  4. Overvoltage protection
  5. Temperature protection
  6. Over power protection
  7. Anti-reverse protection
  8. Short circuit protection
  • Why is it special?
  1. OpenVox UPS module uses 18650 Li-Ion battery packs inside and it is replaceable. Li-Ion battery is commonly used for portable electronics and consumer devices. The 18650 Li-Ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery that is widely used all over the world and the price is affordable for most people. It is considered a better alternative to lead-acid batteries due to its greater lifespan, thus resulting in fewer battery replacements and lower labor costs.
  2. The UPS module can use universal ACPI to control the PowerKey event, so it is compatible with most Linux and Windows distributions, you can configure and control it by BIOS and system. That means no matter what system you use, it will be 100% compatible with the UPS module, it is very friendly for OEM/ODM service.
  • Benefit from OpenVox Safeguard Solution

1. Uncertain Data Loss and System Crash Can Be Prevented

Most equipment is not featured with a battery like laptops. So when there is a power cut, you may lose the data on your system. What's more, if your system is not equipped with a read-only filesystem, then it might be crashed after an unexpected shutdown. As such, OpenVox UPS systems are invaluable for keeping IP phone systems running and you get a good time to store or save your data and then shut down your system safely. Knowing that there is more time to safely shut down your device without experiencing the risk of losing data, you can get more security, which is priceless.

2. Saving Money and Time

What is the cost of losing productivity? What is the cost of recreating or recovering lost data? How much time do you need to waste on recovering the data and waiting for service to come back alive? Installation of a UPS keeps your workstations up and running. This is especially important if you are working to a deadline or if you’re working on sensitive data/information and many more scenarios.

3. Safeguard Your Business

Ultimately, a UPS gives you peace of mind while working. If you have built very important systems for your company or your valued customers, you won’t have to cringe when power outages happen, wondering if the systems will crash or sensitive data might be lost. You could avoid the various complaints and disappointment from your boss or clients. In addition, you won’t have those fears in the back of your mind that a power blackout may instantly cut off your work, wasting your time and efforts, even destroy your career.