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With the continuous development of education in the national education industry, the scale of various schools across the country has expanded, and the teaching environment and teaching equipment have been continuously improved. 


        Most campuses have established a relatively complete data network and have their own education network.In our country, the education network is at the highest level in the export of the Internet.Under such a superior network environment, if all kinds of schools can use the existing data network resources to develop campus IP voice applications, then the school's informatization level will be greatly improved.


Solution requirements

        Most schools in China have the characteristics of large school area, mixed buildings and venues, and many departmental staff. In addition, some schools also have branch schools and branches in other places. In view of the special environment of the campus, the school also put forward more demands on the telephone system.

1. Connect the existing education network and PSTN network, make full use of loan resources, and expand VoIP applications.

2. Avoid aging and rewiring of telecommunications lines in the old campus and wiring problems in the new campus.

3. Easy to expand, adapt to the development of school.

4. Cross-regional voice networking and integration of multi-campus voice resources.

5. Save communication costs and improve teaching quality.


Solution deployment





School headquarters


The UC501P IPPBX is deployed in the computer room to connect to the campus network.

The external line is connected to the UC501P IPPBX, or to the MAG1000 voice gateway, and the voice network is associated with the incoming network to connect to the IPPBX.


Deploy IP video phones on the office desks of school leaders, connect to the network and register to the IPPBX extension.

Deploy ordinary IP phones on the office desktop, connect to the network and register to the IPPBX extension.

Field branch:

IPPBX is deployed in the computer room, and the network is connected to the IPPBX of the school headquarters.


Scenario application

1. Branch interconnection

The school headquarters and branch schools realize telephone networking, direct dialing of extension short numbers in the network, and free mutual calls.

2. Access control linkage

Support the registration of SIP access control to IPPBX, realize the video call between the access control and IP video phone, and remotely open the door through the phone.

3. Monitoring linkage

Supports the registration of IP cameras to IPPBX, so that IP video phones can directly view real-time monitoring images


Solution value

1. UC501P IPPBX uses the network to transmit voice, without laying separate telephone lines, which can save a lot of line costs for a campus environment with a large area and many venues

2. UC501P IPPBX supports remote telephone networking, free inter-calling by direct dialing of extensions within the network; At the same time, it also has built-in rich functions such as conference calls and video calls to enhance communication and collaboration