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        With the development of modern commerce, business models have become more and more diversified. Small and micro enterprises represented by e-commerce sellers have also continued to grow and develop.


Limited by the number of number-binding stores, the number of SIM card numbers required has continued to increase. In order to better manage the SIM card and use and collect short messages more conveniently, the wireless gateway provides a flexible and efficient way.


Solution requirements

1. Each team needs a SIM card provided by the company to maintain a store, but team members cannot access the SIM card, all SIM cards are managed by the same employee.

2. All team members need to be able to use this SIM card and use it to receive verification codes.

3. All SMS received by the SIM card need to be synchronized to the company's internal SMS server to collect all SMS communication data.

4. The external network can remotely manage all SIM cards.


Solution deployment

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Solution value

1.SIM card is more secure

  • Using wireless series gateways, all cards are inserted into one device, and the device is managed by a certain employee. The SIM card is not easy to lose and is more secure.

2.More convenient to use

  • The wireless gateway can create a separate account for each team, and each team can enter the gateway page through their own account to view the verification code received by the SIM card.

3.Strong scalability and convenient data collection

  • The wireless gateway provides SMS API, which can send all received SMS to the designated server.

4.Can remotely manage and view equipment

  • The wireless gateway supports cloud management, allowing external mobile phones and computers to access the device to manage the SIM card through the configured account password.