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As the hotel's voice communication platform, the telephone plays an important role in serving customers externally and facilitating internal communication. Choosing the right phone system is not only related to the quality of hotel customer service, but also related to the collaboration of the hotel’s internal staff.


Solution requirements

With the development of network information technology and the improvement of the comfort of national consumption, the concept of intelligence has begun to be applied in the management and service of hotels. How to integrate voice information into hotel intelligence cheaply and efficiently, hotel practitioners put forward the following requirements:

1.Networked telephone system

2.Docking hotel management software


Solution deploy

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Telephone voice deployment

Engine room:

      1.Deploy two OpenVox IPPBXs, connect to the hotel network, and enable dual-system hot backup

      2. Deploy OpenVox analog voice gateway, connect to hotel network, and do SIP connection with IPPBX


      Deploy analog phones, connect the phone line to the analog gateway to the internal port of the room, and register as an IPPBX extension

 Office area:

      Deploy IP phones on the desktop, connect to the hotel network and register as an IPPBX extension

 Docking hotel management software:

      OpenVox IPPBX provides API interface and supports docking with hotel management software


Solution value

1.Improve communication efficiency

      Built-in rich telephone system functions such as conference calls, video calls, call recordings, etc., which improve the efficiency of communication and collaboration among hotel staff.

2.Improve service quality

      ① Provide teleconference, voice mail, three-way calling and other communication services for occupants to meet their business needs

      ② Built-in automatic attendant, call recording, call queue and other traffic functions

3.Docking hotel management software system

      Through the API interface of OpenVox IPPBX, IPPBX completes the docking with hotel management software to realize functions such as permission control, hotel wake-up, call billing, billing, do not disturb, call blacklist, etc.