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VS-GGU-E2M0400:status INIT Not registered

3 years 3 months ago #14856 by mato

yes, i've tried to update according to update manual but run to a problem with remotecom on windows XP (above, post from 7m ago). Now, we are still stuck with 8 sim i init/error state. Update for 2 problematic module went ok (bellow, umts ...) Ggm gw is available to update/reboot/downtime from 21.12, so if you want to help zoom/skype ... thanks

3 years 3 months ago #14858 by hua
Hello Sir,

UTMS is UC15 module i think , it does not support flash module frimware by tools, Please check if the board still under warranty , You can contact sale team for repair.
3 years 2 months ago #14883 by prizma
Hi Hua,

Sales give us a good price for failed modules and new gateway, but first we have to deal with one more problem. We have two gateways connected to asterisk, portech and openvox. When a call is placed over portech gw and mobile vendor is returning any speech, for example: " number does not exist" everything is ok, call is terminated. Call over openvox gw return error code 21 to asterisk (call is rejected) and asterisk continue to call over second, third trunk ... on openvox.

and question regarding this original post: is it posiible to upgrade firmware through web gui:

3 years 2 months ago #14884 by hua
Question1, Give us more logs (SIP logs) from gateway .

Question2, See this ,there is a system update section ,Did you see that ?
1 year 7 months ago #15255 by Nik
I have the same problem, but the links do not open from the first post. Please help
1 year 7 months ago #15256 by Nik
all links 404 error
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