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SMS to e-Mail feature request

9 years 8 months ago #9884 by wee-lee
It would be great sometimes to send incoming SMS messages from a specific GSM card to a specific e-Mail address.
The base system today supports sending all incoming SMS messages from all GSM modules to the same e-mail address. A nice feature would be to have a per GSM module e-mail destination as well.


9 years 8 months ago #9889 by rick.zhu

Sorry to delay,now the gateway can't support that temporary!But we will consider your needs and discuss it with company!
We will let you know once we have any news!

Thanks for your understand advance!

Best Regards.
9 years 8 months ago #9895 by ajs_derby
Before OpenVox began selling ready-built GSM gateways, we "rolled our own" using PCs fitted with G400P / G400E cards, running Asterisk and chan_extra. When an SMS arrives, a call is set up to extension "sms" in the default context, with the actual received message in ${SMSTXT} and the originating number in ${SMSSRC} (see chan_extra.c source code for the full list of custom variables); and you can work out from ${CHANNEL} which card it came through. Our in-house solution was to fire an AGI script, which then sent the e-mail message;
exten => sms,1,NoOp(Incoming SMS) 
exten => sms,2,AGI(sms_to_email.agi,${SMSTXT},${SMSSRC})
exten => sms,3,Hangup()
Assuming that the OpenVox GSM gateway is simply based on Asterisk, chan_extra and some custom scripting, it ought to be possible for you to do this yourself (obviously, you will need some familiarity with the language in which the SMS-to-email script is written).

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9 years 8 months ago #9898 by tim.june
It is supportable to run custom scripts on gateway, you can write your own dial plan to execute your scripts to do whatever you need.

For now it will take some time to add it on web, and we have many more other features need to be focused on, so this feature will be on our agenda, but not so soon.

please write your own scripts and make it happen.

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