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2410E Echo card & Caller ID Issues

8 years 6 months ago #10268 by meadedw
I have two sites that both have a 2410E with echo cancellation module installed. Have upgraded DAHDI tools to the latest version on the OpenVox Site cards both have firmware ver 1.4 (which from what I can tell is most current) and am running Asterisk 11.10.2 on CentOS 6.5 kernel 2.6.32-431.20.3.e16.i686

problem am unable to get caller ID to display on either system and the echo is unbearable on both systems.. . I have some other sites with older non Echo Cancellation module cards and both callerID and echo cancellation works at those sites. Am almost to the point of powering down system and pulling the ec card and going with software cancellation

have run fxotune and applied settings in attempt to resolve echo without having to adjust RX/TX gain settings (Have ended up turning up RX and TX gain to -10 to make things bearable)
Have checked lines and they are fine no echo or noise when connected directly to the line and have verified CallerID is working and have had Telco verify settings on lines are identical to those at the sites with working CallerID
from what I can see dmesg is not showing anything unusual.
8 years 6 months ago #10269 by crystal.han
please contact me through skype: crystalhan6.Let me help you remotely.
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