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join A1200P driver to another customized dahdi driver

10 years 1 month ago #9130 by gusblog
We have a A1200P dahdi driver and need to install it into a working asterisk

the problem is, the asterisk already have another GSM card, with customized drivers

if I compile the A1200P dahdi 2.7.0 (lastest) the other card driver is deleted and viceverse
if I compile the other GSM card with dahdi 2.6.2 the A1200P driver is not enabled, and if present, then is deleted.

I'd like to know how to compile both, so both can work.

Apreciate yur help.


PD. this is a common scenario, so apreciate can public the procedure for another users.
10 years 1 month ago #9131 by hua
Both A1200 and GSM card are working on same dahdi driver, Did the driver dahdi-2.6.2 come from our website which GSM card uses? I need remote access to check first , Please contact me by Skype upper.hua .

Best regards
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