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A1200p disgnostincs to know which ports are working

10 years 10 months ago #8554 by gusblog
I'm new with openvox cards, i have a A1200P card installed on an asterisk. elastix flavor.
but 1 week ago. when the pbx start ( a Dual Core pc+1GB ram ) only 2 leds turn on GREEN ( back part)

but the card internally have 6 FXO modules installed

how can be sure if the others 4 modules are not working?

any tools to test independent of the OS or hdahdi version ?


Also apreciate some explanation for:
We have 1 line from pstn telecom with 3 channles. ( so 3 people can call simultaneusly) which type of card can manage this king of signal?
I notice the analog cards doesn't; since need signaling in each port for work.

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10 years 10 months ago #8556 by hua

This link maybe help you,Please check this manual.If you can see all channels after command "dahdi show channels" under CLI, I think they will be work.By the way this card need to use Splitter,if you have PSTN line from carrier,You can plug into the Splitter to test .
We have a type of card(BRI card) that can support 3 channels,but it can make 2 calls simultaneusly, The other channel is used as signal channel.
Any problems about our products you can choose the following tools to contact me directly.

E-mail:[email protected]
MSN:[email protected]

Best regards
10 years 10 months ago #8561 by gusblog
really thax for your help.
i have a centos5 system with a asterisk installed from a rpm.
all the dahdi drivers are installed with rpm
from :

I was wondering how to rebuild a rpm with a1200p card driver ?
or where can i get the rpm with openvox drv for centos 5.


10 years 10 months ago #8562 by svolta
You can download dadhi with a1200p driver from the following link:
About install the driver you can refer the user manual:
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