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In 2020, the raging Coronavirus has driven many people to work from home. A big part of work-from-home success owed to the Internet Age, the efficient network connects people, meaning they can work from anywhere.

Compared to ten years ago, it is easier to access emails remotely, dial-in to calls, video conferencing remotely, and cloud-based synchronizing data now, a wide variety of technology and software are available for people to work remotely. For example, VoIP equipment and software help business employees work remotely online, in large part, achieve decentralized work, decrease personnel gathers, thus isolated from viruses. We can start the stable and reliable remote agent system in a few minutes, instant launch and access, no need to deploy. VoIP telephony system can be login and managed remotely without the restriction of time, place, or office. Besides, there is no sophisticated equipment required. You can set up enterprise-sized communication with the computer, broadband, mobile phones, etc. Also, it can support multiple forms of access, whether mobile phones, fixed phones, or softphones, the flexible operation won't let you miss any call. Moreover, when human resources strain, Automated Attendant (IVR) can effectively reduce the pressure of heavy traffic.

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At present, we stick together to ensure the smooth communication between enterprises and customers more efficiently and safely, work-from-home. I believe we can finally fight this epidemic. When this is all over, we may ask: "Is this the future of work?" The application and potentialities of VoIP telephony communications technology are still waiting for us to tap. In my opinion, it's positive and worth looking forward to that, creating such a workplace that welcomes and encourages working from home remotely and flexibly.