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OpenVox PBX Systems & Gateways for Small Medium Enterprises

At OpenVox, we strongly believe that small and mid-sized business communication needs to be simpler,more reliable,and more cost-effective. Our VoIP PBX & Gateway solution empowers you and your business to improve efficiency and reduce communication cost with new levels of quality and experience.


OpenVox——Communication Solutions Expert


OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the field of global VoIP gateways, IP Communication Systems and Asterisk® solutions.

Established in Shenzhen, China, in 2002, OpenVox is committed to providing small and medium-sized enterprises and branches of large enterprises with high-grade products, reducing communication cost and increasing the productivity of the communication platform.

SWG 3032 4SL


SWG-3016/32-4S Series

Supports multiple codecs

Policy-based SIM Auto Switch

Dynamic Allocation of SIM Cards

Support a variety of protocol ranges

GSM/WCDMA/LTE gateways supports 16/32 channels

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News and Events

  • The Forum section of our website has been discontinued, but all previous questions and content can still be viewed. While it is no longer possible to post new inquiries or participate in discussions, we hope that the information available will continue to be a valuable resource for users.


    OpenVox is pleased to announce that our new ticket support platform ( has been officially launched. With our new ticket support system, customers can easily track and manage all technical inquiries and receive timely updates from our support team. You'll be able to submit a ticket 24/7 and expect a response within two working days.


    Please note that while we encourage customers to start using the new ticket support system for a more streamlined experience, [email protected] remains available and fully operational as one of our technical support channels.


    We remain committed to providing exceptional technical support to our customers and look forward to serving you better with our new ticket support platform. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us through our available channels. Thanks for your understanding.

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  • OpenVox and Flyingvoice have announced a partnership to provide a comprehensive telephony system that will meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. The collaboration will integrate Flyingvoice's FIP1X series with OpenVox's PBX to offer customers a more diverse range of telephony options and enhanced communication experience. This partnership demonstrates both companies' commitment to delivering innovative and industry-leading communication solutions that meet the needs of modern businesses. The compatibility of OpenVox's PBX with Flyingvoice's FIP1X series provides a more streamlined and efficient telephony system that is accessible to all customers.

Support & Service

Support Hotline:86-135 2876 0565

Quick way to get user manual and driver.Please visit the Quick Support to have your first level support from OpenVox. if you can not find your answer here,please do not hesitate to contact our Technical support for help.
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