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Request for asterisk cdrdb openvox

6 days 22 hours ago - 6 days 22 hours ago #12003 by Never54
I need to do:
When an incoming call from a GMS phone to OpenVox, a request to the database was made
from what number to it there was a call and the call was routed on sip on this number.

the question is how to connect to the CDR database OpenVox (/data/log/cdr.db) and to numer which was the call for a GMS phone?
(from asterisk dialpan)
6 days 21 hours ago #12004 by heizi.lv
Hi Sir,

May i know why you need connect CDR database? Our gsm gateway uses SQLite database.
6 days 5 hours ago #12008 by Never54
I am interested in any connection you can to SQLite data. I need at the time of an incoming call from a Gsm phone to a GSM gateway to make a request to the base (by Gsm phone number). Get the number from which was the last call with "Answer" or "No answer". Make a SIP call to this subscriber.
1 day 20 hours ago #12012 by Never54
You can implement the mechanism to access the cdr.db ?
This can greatly extend the functionality of the gateway
1 day 5 hours ago #12013 by heizi.lv
Hi Sir,

Sorry for delay. There is no Sqlite Server on GSM gateway. So we can't connect it.

Sqlite is for file operation. So, you can download the cdr.db file to your local and access it with Sqlite.
22 hours 59 minutes ago #12014 by Never54
Unfortunately, this does not work. I need to make that the gateway itself at the time of the incoming GSM call, from the dialplan did everything on its own.
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